Making a kite that Flies

February 13, 2017
Kite That Flies by Itself
Keep cutting around and around until you get to the center. You will be left with a long plastic tail to tape to the end of your kite. I used a doggie bag and that is why the our tails are shorter and more colorful. I do not use shopping bags, so I never have any in the house.

And the kite is done.

Have you ever tried to take a close up picture of a kite in flight? This is the best I could do for a close up!

I love that this is so simple with a guaranteed outcome of outdoor running fun! My two kiddos (5 &10) spent over an hour running, having kite races and height challenges. THAT is what I call a great craft!


Making a Kite
Making a Kite
Make your own kite that really flies!
Make your own kite that really flies!
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