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April 27, 2018
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PictureThe best season is during the Northeast Monsoon (Dec-March) and we hang out at Changi Beach (Car Park 6). Kite sizes between 9-14m for 10-20kts. However, CAAS has barred kitesurfing on Changi beach for security reasons and only reinstated kiting in 2014 and permit is required for our kiting season December to March. There are strict rules and ONLY registered kiters with Kitesurfing Association Singapore (KAS) are allowed to kite at Changi beach. KAS is run by a team of kiters who are volunteers and hence, there's no website and only a Closed Group on Facebook
We are strictly required to abide by the rules and boundaries set by CAAS due to security reasons. Kiters who don't want to follow local rules and insist on your own rules about freedom to kite anywhere, please travel to Malaysia (driving) or Bintan (ferry) for the nearest kiting spots. Beginners are also not allowed at Changi Beach and definitely no teaching.
In summary: 1) No Kite Rental in Singapore (if you need to buy kites, we have lots of new kites in my Pro Shop) 2) No 'organised' kite trips to Bintan or Malaysia 3) I don't recommend you come specifically to Singapore to kite, we are not windy nation 4) No 20-30kts of wind here 5) Kiting is not allowed only at the stated areas and off-seasons (read above) but no, kiting is NOT completely banned in Singapore (disallowed at Changi & certain spots on ECP that's within 5km from airport) and so far, no one goes to jail for kiting, yet. Please don't call or email me to ask about the above again cos I didn't set the rules. If unclear, read through the above again or contact CAAS or NParks directly.

Kitesurfing Holidays
Here we list the immediate neighboring countries in Southeast Asia (driving or up to 2-half hours flight) that we always visit for overseas kitesurfing. Please note that these 'recommendations' are merely the most 'popular', 'tried & tested' destinations & you can always find exotic destinations if you so wish.
1) Jason Bay (Tanjung Sedili):
Just 2 hrs from Singapore, it's the most popular driving destination for beginners as well as regular kiters. The waters are shallow till far out, making it very suitable for beginners who are learning to body-drag, water-start and practise relaunch. The beach is an endless horizon of kilometres of sand. Perfect for learning how to ride upwind. Check Google Earth for directions. Perfect for day trips, unsuitable for babies/kids as the toilets there are not that clean. No hotel/restaurant facilities directly on the beach where we kite. The nearest hotel is half an hour away in Desaru. Beware of sandflies if you're bringing kids.
Season: Northeast Monsoon Nov - March
Wind Strength: 8-20kts

2) Kuantan:
5-6hrs drive from Singapore or 2hrs from Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan.
Kuantan is nice for a short holiday between 3-5 days, You can kite anywhere on the beach in front of Swiss Garden Hotel (our favorite) or Duta Beach Resort (cheaper chalets).
Nice waves there, kilometers of never-ending beach...great for families as the 2 hotels are smack right on the beachfront. Beware of sandflies if you're bringing kids!
Season: Northeast Monsoon November - March
Wind Strength: 8-20kts
Season: South-West
Wind Strength: 8-12kts


1) Agro Beach Resort on Trikora Beach (45 minutes Ferry from Singapore to Bintan, Indonesia)
Perfect flat water, no current and shallow waters-perfect for beginners and lessons.
Season: North-East Monsoon Nov - March & South-West Monsoon June-August
2) Bali (Sanur): My all-time Favourite! Needs no introduction...learn from Kadek +62 8 (he's great-I learnt from him) c/o Jankie's Kitesurfing
3) Sumbawa - Big waves for the advanced kiters. Beginners can stay in the lagoon. Contact Jankie for Sumbawa.
4) Aceh is the newest kid in town for Kitesurfing. Google for kite beaches.
1) Hua Hin (Season: Feb - April): Kilometers of endless beach and dozens of kite centers/schools to choose from, Hua Hin offers great kiting and a holiday.
2) Phuket Season: North-East Monsoon Nov - March & South-West Monsoon June-August
Depending on season, the schools move around so please Google search and contact the schools for the latest updates. Tends to be choppy and gusty but in case there's no wind, Phuket offers a great holiday.
1) Boracay: Beautiful, unique & isolated, Boracay is a awesome getaway. No cars on the island, all the islanders are laid back, friendly and love sun, sea and sand. I recommend my great friend & 'sister' Nenette Graf's Kite/Windsurf Centre Nenette Graf's Greenyard Kite Center and she also owns a hotel there. All the info can be found on her website.

Extreme Kites St. Augustine Fl The Kite shop.
Extreme Kites St. Augustine Fl The Kite shop.
A trip to the kite shop (Singapore) :-)
A trip to the kite shop .....(Singapore)..... :-)
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