Go and Fly a Kite

February 26, 2018
Let s go and fly a kite oil

01 Be Direct With Me (2:53)
02 (1:52)
04 Manpower (1:53)
05 Dingo's Protest/We're Twenty-One/That Great Big Au Go-Go In The Sky (4:34)
06 Absolutely Available (3:02)
07 Perfect Control (2:51)
08 A Big Fat Wife (1:12)
09 We're Makin' Our Own (3:07)
10 No, No, Not That/PDM Can Do (4:42)
11 34 Years From Today (4:05)
12 Welcome To Williamsburg (2:24)
13 The Proper Perspective (2:26)
14 Through The Magic Door (1:40)
15 Let Me Put It To You This Way (3:36)
16 Go Fly A Kite (2:04)
17 Atom And Evil (1:16)
18 Heaven Out Of Hell (2:07)
19 Make A Woman Out Of Your Wife (6:31)
20 Times Have Changed (3:19)
21 Finale (1:01)

"Go Fly A Kite" by General Electric is one of the best examples of an Industrial Musical. Not only is this a double album, but the gatefold cover is chalk full of photographs of the actual live stage performance! For just about every single song, you get to see what the actors and singers were doing and wearing, along with the campy sets that draped the background.

I've had this LP for several years now and used to play it on my old radio shows (Oddity Rock Radio & Delirium In Hi-Fi) on KWCR. I'd like to list just a few favorite tracks along with some of the original liner notes that explain them.

Start listening with this one:

#1 - "Heaven Out of Hell" (Definitely the Standout Track of the Musical!)
"While George attends the Conference, Richard responds to Martha's wish to see the past, and particularly, Marie Antoinette. They end up in Hell, where the devil indignantly refuses to let Martha visit "that woman in the bakery." Unabashed, Martha tells the Devil his Hell isn't so hot, his transportation system is all snarled up, and, in general, he's operating inefficiently and uneconomically. She and Richard persuade the devil to electrify Hell through Richard's magic powers. Instantly, the air is purified, the furnaces operate efficiently, and traffic is unsnarled at the River Styx. Horrified, the devil realizes he has been tricked into making a Heaven out of Hell through electricity."

Lets go and fly a kite.
Lets go and fly a kite.
Pets and Pests; Go Fly a Kite
Pets and Pests; Go Fly a Kite
Pets and Pests; Go Fly a Kite [Full Episode]
Pets and Pests; Go Fly a Kite [Full Episode]
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