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January 5, 2017
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An ideal kite for kids is this Tiny Tots Diamond.

The MBK Tiny Tots Diamond

Here are step-by-step instructions to make a very simple kite for kids. It involves no gluing. Just cutting with scissors, sticking with tape and one knot. It's so quick that if any damage occurs, you can have another one ready in minutes! Kite making for kids doesn't take much...

My non-kiter wife sees success!

With no previous experience, my wife made this design in about 35 minutes. And yes, it flew great! She commented that if she made another one, the time taken would be more like 15 minutes.

The photo shows the little Diamond, which May made in light-blue shopping bag plastic, hovering just off the ground in a very light breeze.

With every gust of extra wind, the kite would soar up much higher.

This design is so light-pulling, you can forget about the usual Dacron or Nylon flying line if you want to.

Polyester sewing thread is quite strong enough!

Here's The Instructions...

Absolutely everything needed to make this child's kite is in the following list:

  • somewhere flat to work
  • plenty of thin colored plastic, in sheets or bags
  • 2 bamboo BBQ skewers, 30cm or 12 inch (possibly the only thing you might need to buy)
  • clear sticking tape, as used in offices
  • a ruler
  • a black marking pen, for example a felt-tipped laundry marker
  • scissors, big enough to snip the skewers
  • polyester sewing thread

On that last point... The sewing thread works nicely. However, it is somewhat prone to break when the kite snags on a branch or a child tugs at it a little too enthusiastically!

So, try this kite winder which comes with 200 feet of light nylon line. A good choice for the Tiny Tots Diamond.

The following 9 steps are designed for maximum speed, at the expense of some accuracy. However, the human eye is good at lining things up and dividing lengths in 2 - so the end result should fly fine! It looks a lot, scrolling through, but each step is very short and easy. There's nothing hard about making this kite for kids.

And if the sewing thread in Step 9 proves troublesome due to breakages...

This kite winder comes with 200 feet of light nylon line. Much stronger, but still light enough to suit the little Diamond.

You are now ready to fly the kite! Weather permitting, of course. I hope you've enjoyed this experience of making a kite for kids!

The shot below was taken near sunset. See how the kite and its tail are being lit from the right...

A Tiny Tots Diamond hovers, lit by the setting sun

If there is no wind, with this kite kids can still have fun. Just encourage the child to run around towing the kite. It's a good idea to get the diamond in the air yourself first, with the child holding the winder. Then the child can just start running.

That's our 2 1/2 year old Aren down there in the video, towing this kite along after being prompted to 'run! run! run!'. He had fun! Any child up to the age of 6 or so should enjoy doing the same. If there is a bit of wind, the kite will fly while the child just stands and hangs on to the winder.

How Did YOUR Tiny Tots Diamond Kite Go?

If you had a go, and particularly if you got some good photos, it's easy to share the story here. It will help inspire other families to try this fool-proof little kite!

P.S. Stories of at least 300 words are preferred. This is easily achieved by just remembering a little detail about making the kite(s), where you went, how the kite(s) flew and what everyone experienced on the day.

Stories From Other Visitors

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Two More DIY Designs

Do you have some fairly large indoor space available? Then you must try The MBK Paper Sled requires a sheet of copier paper and not much else! You can take it outside too, as long as the wind is fairly light.

Here's an featuring instructions on how to make a kite for kids that is quite similar to the MBK Tiny Tots design. There's really no need for all those extra strips of tape!

Pop in there and see another pic of our Aren, barely old enough to run, obediently hanging on to the string of his tiny home-made Diamond. We made it for him of course. There was just enough breeze on that day to keep the kite flying.

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Make A Kite For Kids - The MBK Tiny Tots Diamond
Make A Kite For Kids - The MBK Tiny Tots Diamond
Easy Paper Kite for Kids
Easy Paper Kite for Kids
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