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January 26, 2017
How to Make gigantic Kite
Learn how to make a Box kite from bamboo skewers and plastic.

The MBK 1-Skewer Box

This set of instructions on how to make a Box kite assumes you know absolutely nothing about kite making. You might already have some of the simple tools and materials required. Anything you don't have is easily bought.

If not exactly what I used, then at least something pretty similar!

The instructions on how to make a Box kite might look awfully long, but each step is quite simple to do. Just quickly work your way through, skimming over any detail that you don't need. All in all, it should be quite hard to make a mistake!

The MBK 1-Skewer Box Kite is rather small at just 29cm (11 1/2") long, with cell panels measuring 14.5cm x 8.7cm (5 3/4" x 3 1/2"). It will stay airborne in moderate winds, but does even better in fresh winds.

Like all the other MBK 1-Skewer kites, this design can't be taken apart for transport. However, that's not much of a problem due to it's small size! Just be sure to treat it with care when handling or transporting it.

The 1-Skewer Box kite - sparsHow To Make A Box Kite

  • Select 4 bamboo BBQ skewers that seem fairly straight. Check this by rolling them across a table top, one by one. Or just look down their length.
  • In addition, try to ensure that 2 of those skewers have very similar flexibility. Either bend them by hand to try and judge this, or get a little more ingenious by suspending the ends and putting a weight in the middle... Getting this right will help the finished kite to fly straight without needing too much tail. Put a mark on these 2 skewers so you know which ones they are. They are the top 2 spars in the photo.
  • Snip the point off one skewer, then measure it to establish '1 skewer length' (1.0SL) for your kite. For me, this was 29 c.m.
  • Snip the points off the other 3 skewers, to exactly the same length as the first one. These 4 skewers will now be referred to as the 'spars'
  • Take another 2 skewers, and snip one of them to exactly 0.7SL (20.3cm, 8") in length. Make the other one just 0.5cm (1/4") longer. These are the 'cross pieces'. The longer one will be trimmed to fit, later.

How To Make A Box Kite

The template up there represents one cell of the kite, laid out flat. Transfer the measurements to the sail plastic as follows...

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Kite instructions
Kite instructions
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