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July 17, 2016
Kite Surfing Lessons in
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"For those on the fence I recommend taking the plunge and doing so with Air Padre. very knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. As others have posted, it's definitely a good idea to get your and practice out of the way prior to the first lesson. My wife and I both had a blast and are making plans for our next trip to SPI to hook up with Air Padre for more lessons."- Tim R.

"...together we moved me from barely getting up, to one handed beam reaches at fast speeds! This was in 2 sessions and a total of 3 hours. He has skills for teaching! It was really a worthwhile investment. I really liked the SPI back bay with miles and miles of waist to chest deep water. If you fall you stand up and reset. This is much better than my experience in Miami with small sandbars to start on followed by deep water falls and waiting for help to restart when things get crazy. I will definitely go back to SPI to learn in the near perfect conditions before I go to deep water. The back bay is not as glamorous as the gulf, but get your skills together here and you will advance much faster. Two more sessions and my kite crashing days will be mostly behind me, then I will hit the gulf. Air Padre Kiteboarding truly maximized my dollars. That is the very best you can ask for. It was super, and I can't wait to get my jumping started!" - Bruce J., Minnesota

"I had a great time during my first lesson and can't wait for my next one. Even the basics like flying the kite were fun. Every exercise that we did was built off of things learned previously during the lesson. This made the experience fun and you could actually see how the exercises would help you to kiteboard. I highly recommend it to everyone."- Steven

"I would recommend Air Padre to everybody out there, the instructor all have the patience to go at my speed and pushed safety in front of everything. They worked around my schedule and had me up the first day. I would highly recommend Air Padre as your lesson center, hands down." - Dave - St. Louis

"Just finished my 3rd lesson and wanted to let you know how much fun I had. Also wanted to let everyone out there know that Jeff is an awesome instructor and that he is extremely professional. I'm not sure what I should have expected, but I was pleasantly surprised. No offense Jeff, but I didn't expect to be able to discuss advanced chemistry with my instructor. Anyway, I had an absolute blast and just wanted to say thanks and encourage everyone out there to come get a lesson from Jeff. South Padre is an awesome place to learn and Air Padre Kiteboarding is the only way to do it. Take care Jeff, and you can already book me for another lesson in August." - Allen

"Excellent time! Jeff has gobs of knowledge, patience and all the equipment to ensure getting you up for some great runs! Only one on the island to use a water foil to assure playing in low wind conditions. We were out playing when no one else could. He took us to great places on his 4 person wave runner to find the best spots to ensure the best conditions (water and wind) and get away from all obstacles including other novice kiters. Thankfully he is also a great cameraman! We have wonderful videos and pictures thanks to his steady hand. Photos of our sessions to come later if we can figure out how to get them to you! Need accommodations? Jeff can help with getting you a great condo a block off the beach and 2 blocks from his shop. Our hat's off to you Jeff. no we do not have cowboy hats in Minnesota. We are planning a second session in April after we have thawed out from kiting in the snow and ice!" - Terry and Mary

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