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April 6, 2016
We have been flying Flysurfer

// Unity – Freeride Freedom

Unforgettable sessions, awesome jumps and a fast learning curve… fun on the water and land is easier than ever with the long-awaited successor of the Pulse2. And since the range of use is so big and its much more than just a freeride kite, we simply had to give it a new name: Unity


We don’t know of any other sport that is so rich in versatility as kiting. For that reason, we made sure that you don’t have to choose with the Unity. Whether you are a novice, like riding waves or go for unhooked tricks, the Unity will be there for you. You decide what happens, not your kite. Your kite will give you the freedom you need during your first jump attempt, or still fly forward with almost no backstall for your first unhooked trick. One thing will help you, above all: the Unity offers the most direct bar feedback that we have ever built into a kite. Naturally, the range of use does not end on the water’s edge. The Unity is an excellent choice on snow, with the buggy or mountain board. An all-purpose kite for everything and everyone!


You will realise how easy kiting is when you finally hold the Unity in your hands for the first time. The Unity is a top choice right after completing a kiting course, with its moderate but precise power, as well as huge wind range. Trust the Unity to be your kiting partner for years, providing you with pure stress-free fun. Our proven Triple Depower System provides you with an unbelievable wind range that lets you forget about gusty winds.

kite roller flysurfer speed 3
kite roller flysurfer speed 3
FLYSURFER PULSE 2 kite landboarding
FLYSURFER PULSE 2 kite landboarding
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