Halloween Windsocks

December 18, 2016
A skull, a monster, a ghost and a pumpkin...each one a "breeze" to construct!

I love projects that have a "bigness" to them.ones that start on manageable sized paper and just keep growing and growing and blowing up into something that can't help but be noticed. Kids are always thrilled when they create something huge, and frankly, so am I! I loved testing these simple paper wind socks by running like a crazy woman through the house (trailed by six excited cats!) and listening to the satisfying rustle of crepe paper streamers. Yep, I think the kids are gonna love 'em - this is what we're making on Sunday for the crafty part of our Family Halloween Harvest Party!

Cut very lightweight 22" x 28" cardboard into 7" x 22" pieces to yield four bodies. Mark the horizontal 11" point so kids can center the faces there. Provide paper scraps, scissors, craft punches, glue, and glitter to create the characters. When faces are complete, glue the ends of crepe paper strips to the bottom edge of reverse side. You will need 11 strips for each wind sock. Begin gluing in the center so there is room at each end to overlap and close the tube later. The length of these strips will determine whether the finished project is petite or a real monster of a decoration! Close the tube using "duck tape." Choose either colors that match the paper or cover silver tape with a strip of paper to match the background. Punch two holes along the top edge sides, string curling ribbon through, then knot and hang.

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