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October 7, 2016
Let s Go Fly a Kite by

An invention of ancient China, they have been used for activities as diverse as flying to measuring wind to military communication to just plain old fashioned fun.

You may or may not have heard that April is National Kite Month. Now you know 😛

If you watch the video (or just reminisce) this is the moment when Mary Poppins realizes that her work is done. The Banks family is embracing the joy of life, and spending time together again. Though there won’t be a movie soundtrack playing for you when you go out kiting, it is great fun.

And your kids will remember it forever … just like you do, if you’ve ever been kiting.

Kites are fun outdoor activities (that don’t even require a smart phone, TV, or screen).

Sometimes it feels like it’s getting harder and harder to get kids to have fun outside. It used to be a whole lot simpler (before video games, Netflix, smart phones, the Internet, etc.). These are all incredible inventions, but sometimes it’s nice to simplify and go outside and have fun at the park.

Kites are works of art.

Beautifully creative kit design

Most of us don’t have a massive Chinese dragon kite, but beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Some activities are always fun

They’ve always been fun. And they always will be.

Running to achieve liftoff. Feeling the force of the wind. Watching the dance of the kite in the beautiful afternoon sky.

Bing Sings "Go Fly a Kite"
Bing Sings "Go Fly a Kite"
Go Fly a Kiteyy!
Go Fly a Kite...yaaay!
Go Fly a Kite
Go Fly a Kite
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