Kite Runner Essay Topics

January 29, 2017
10 winning kite runner essay

The Kite Runner is a popular novel for English teachers. The novel has meat and can easily be used to teach students a variety of lessons and topics. If your teacher gives you an assignment on the book, consider one of the following ten topics for your title.

  1. 1. Society and the Separation in the Different Groups in the Novel-all levels are represented in the book, an in-depth character analysis focusing on class levels would be a good topic

  2. 2. Conflict in Characters-this could involve any of the major characters and the reasons for the conflicts, the way the conflict moves the plot would be a good idea
  3. 3. Religion and How it Drives the Plot of the Story-without the emphasis on religion the novel would not be the same, consider this topic for advanced writers
  4. 4. Change the Setting-take the story out of Afgahanastan and discuss how the story would be different, the class decision is an important part of the book
  5. 5. Power-who has it in the novel, how did they get it, and who wants it
  6. 6. Time and Clocks-the idea of time, the passing of time, and how time is implemented in the novel
  7. 7. Sons and Dads- the son and relationship is one of the most complex family connections and this novel is not different, this topic would be ideal for a longer essay or a comparison piece with another story that has a father and son in it
  8. 8. Compare and Contrast- this can be a character, a setting, a theme
  9. 9. Rapes-for older students the rapes in the novel and why they in the novel can provide the means for an in-depth essay, the student and the teacher should thoroughly discus this topic before proceeding with it in an essay, one or both of them can be discussed
  10. 10. The Actual Kite-Flying Tournament-a discussion of the use of the kite and what it represents in the novel, this symbol would make for a great essay, you could also discuss the color blue as in the blue kite

In addition to these ten ideas, the writer could also explore motifs, settings, irony, or any other literary device found in The Kite Runner. These would all make for a good composition on the novel. You could also use these ten ideas to come up with a creative choice of your own.

Kite Liberator OVA
Kite Liberator OVA
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