Redneck Wind Chimes

March 7, 2018

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These Redneck Wind Chimes are just as cute as can be! They make a PERFECT gift for almost anyone with a good sense of Humor! They're great for your Cabin, Vacation Home, Rec Room, Game Room or just for your front porch. And the best part is they sound great also.

Pricing: Three (3) can Redneck Wind Chimes are only $12.00. (plus $3.00 for postage and handling) Specified orders of a certain can (example: 3 Pepsi, 3 Mountain Dew, 3 Coke, etc.) then add $2.00 more. Otherwise you will receive our normal assorted model. (3 different brand name cans)

We also build two special chimes at this time. The Hunter's Redneck Wind Chime and The Redneck Fisherman's Wind Chime. Both feature the same items as the regular Redneck Wind Chimes but with additional related items, such as floats and a lure for the Fisherman's and Shells for the Hunter's. These special two are $16.00 each plus shipping and handling.

For Custom Orders of a large size wind chime, Large Quantities, etc. Just click on the E-mail button below.

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Redneck Wind Chimes with Cat
Redneck Wind Chimes with Cat
a redneck wind chime
a redneck wind chime
Redneck windchimes
Redneck windchimes
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