Windsock Village

August 19, 2016

We had a fabulous time…. 32 Wacos made it with two new restorations showing up with less than an hour on each plane! Cliff Hogan and his family (Famous Hogans of Hamilton Ohio) have been working on 14052 for nine years — Cliff worked like a dog until 10 PM Friday night and gave up and drove up to Mt. Vernon. His cousin and brother stayed behind working on the plane and about noon on S... Read More »

Here’s a fantastic “aviation rodeo” video straight out of Alaska. The best 5 minutes you’ll spend in a long time! So how do these bush pilots do it? Some very wise words at the end of the video! Read More »

April Gowen is based at Bealeton, Virginia and flies this 1946 L16 Champ. I am 32 years old, married and I have a 3 year old little girl who is obsessed with planes too!! I’m a Human Resources Manager by day and a student pilot as much as I can be. I’ve been flying since August of 2009. So far I have flown the 1946 L16 Aeronca Champ (that’s the main one that I fly) and a 1940 ... Read More »

Did you know the National Waco Club is in the midst of their 51st Reunion and the members are celebrating at a fly-in at 6G4 south of Mt. Vernon, Ohio? Susan Theodelores is spending the bigger part of a week over there and no doubt having a great time. Probably much to do helping her husband, Andy Heins, who is president of the club. Susan’s keeping us connected! Steve and Tina Thomas made ... Read More »

Are you ready for the BIG moment – the unveiling of the official Ladies Love Taildraggers logo!!!? It still needs some final tweaking but I’m going to jump the gun and show you anyway! Hope you send in your comments. Getting to this point has been a real education, mainly because I kept thinking, “surely” I can do it myself – at least with a little help on t... Read More »

Christina Patchett is based at KAVQ, Marana Regional Airport, Tucson, Arizona and flies a RV-6. I got my license in the family Cessna 182 in 2008 but it didn’t take long before I was tailwheel endorsed for my family’s RV-6 in 2009. Our RV-6 has a modified cowling to fit the IO-360. In October 2009 at Copper State Fly-in, I got the chance to fly right seat in a Lockheed 12, a tailwheel ... Read More »

I’ve seen jewelry of all sorts, t-shirts, ties, hats, and other airplane inspired attire but I’ve never this! Susan, you’re going to have to model these at the Lady Taildragger fly-in! From Susan Theodorelos; I thought some of the other ladies would enjoy seeing and maybe even getting some of their own “cool plane shoes”! My sister had these made for me last year fo... Read More »

Cynthia Laddon Kaase is based at KMYF Montgomery Field Airport, San Diego, California and flies a Decathlon CS. I am the proud owner of a wonderful little airplane, a Decathlon CS. I am a dual rated instrument pilot in helicopter and fixed wing. I am a CFI in helicopter and am currently working on add-on ratings for my Commercial license and my CFI certificate * * I love flying both tailwheels an... Read More »

Here’s an update from Kelly Jeffries who is based at NH69, Windsock Village Airport in West Ossipee, NH. Thanks, Kelly, for sending in this incredible pic! What a blast for both you gals and your husband – and how cool to see your very own RV right there beside you! “Here’s a picture that was taken in 2006 at Sun-n-Fun. My husband is flying my RV but I’m flying co... Read More »

Winter Champ flying at Windsock Village, NH69
Winter Champ flying at Windsock Village, NH69
Windsock Village West Ossipee NH real estate-Call Bill
Windsock Village West Ossipee NH real estate-Call Bill ...
Homes and Hangars of Windsock Village, NH
Homes and Hangars of Windsock Village, NH
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