Grand Haven Kite Festival

February 25, 2017
Lee Sedgwick - World famous

MACkite is more than just a store. We're a part of the community, and we like to get out and bring the fun to you. (Especially when we can host an event at the beach!) Here's what we've got lined up for you...

MACkite, Downtown Grand Haven

This FREE club for all ages meets weekly at MACkite. Boys, girls, and adults help each other to grow their kendama and yo-yo skills and earn prizes as they complete levels from the official trick sheets.

Do YOU have what it takes to become a Skill Toy Samurai?

May 21 & 22, 2016

Our biggest festival of the year! Enjoy a day at the beach as the sky is filled with colorful kites of all types and sizes. World-famous stunt kite fliers perform to music on the center flying field while kites larger than a school bus hover just to the south. Bring your own kite to fly on the open flying field at the north end of the event, or learn to fly a stunt kite in the demo field. Shop an amazing selection of kites and wind toys and spinners in the giant MACkite tent on the beach, the world's largest kite store for the weekend. This festival is FREE to attend, though there may be a charge to park inside the State Park. (Out-of-state residents and those who have opted not to add a recreational pass to their license plate tabs will need to pay; those who do have a recreational plate tab will get in free.)

Grand Haven Kite Festival interview with National Champ
Grand Haven Kite Festival interview with National Champ ...
Grand Haven Kite Festival 2011
Grand Haven Kite Festival 2011
2015 Grand Haven Kite Festival
2015 Grand Haven Kite Festival
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