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November 13, 2015, light wind

TukinamiKabuki Rokkakus:

Take a new look at the classic fighting kite of Japan.

The hexagonal Rokkaku Kite was originally developed for traditional kite fighting in Japan. Large paper and bamboo kites flown by teams would tangle, tip, or crash together and the last kite in the sky was the winner.

Our four-foot Kabuki Rokkakus are based on a series of traditional kite images from Japanese history, literature, and folklore. These are illustrations typically used on traditional rokkakus.Suke Roku The stability and convenience of this modern Rokkaku make it great for fun flying, lifting, or fighting. Adjustable bow lines allow tuning for different winds.

"Roks" fly well in all winds and are excellent for intermediate or advanced fliers. They will also hold tube tails or line art. Use 100-200 pound flying line. In Japanese, a "kaku" is a kite with corners. "Rok" is the word for the number six.

BenkiThe Kabuki Roks are four by three feet and made from ripstop nylon with fiberglass frames. The images are compltely applique sewn, not printed. Choose the Watonia Warrior, the Koi, Tukinami Wave, Folk Hero Suke Roku, Brigand Benki, or Loyal Retainer Otaka - each priced at $90.

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